The Need for Productivity

Performance is about being on top of one’s work, of being able to achieve things both for oneself and for the organization, and inevitably, as night follows day, if we perform at a high level for any length of time we start becoming extremely productive. So being productive means that we produce ‘stuff’: products, services, ideas, innovations, value and profit. Possibly, then, being productive is the number one thing that employers want from their employees; it’s self-evidently mission critical.

What makes a highly productive employee? Who are the highly productive employees? If we remember the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 Rule, we will be clear that these highly productive individuals can be up to 16 times more productive than their less successful counterparts. Sixteen times! That is a staggering achievement especially if we are dealing with, as we frequently are, people being paid the same standard salary. Further, and awfully, the Pareto Principle also clearly means that 20% of our employees produce 80% of our profit (or value-add), and sadly, 80% produce only 20%. The challenge, then, is to skew this law so that it works more in our favour: imagine how much more productivity and profit would be possible if instead of 80-20, we had 70-30 or even 60-40. In other words, imagine what would happen for our organization if we doubled the number of employees who are seriously productive?

But how do we find these ‘productive’ individuals? Productivity is a people issue. People make things happen – or not. This seems to be a revelation to some managers, as if merely pushing people around and simply paying them a wage leads to high productivity. The reality is that this approach leads to subtle sabotage and non-vocal resistance: lip-service to the organizations and its goals, but at root a deep dislike and resentment. Eventually, of course, it leads to outright hostility and then we go down the line of cost: somebody quits and we have to start all over again. Alternatively, bad managers take the view that they can discount their people because technology will do it all – how misguided can one be?

People are in one sense like bees: they like being productive, they like being in a well-tuned hive where everyone and everything has its place and all is purposeful. It produces honey and sweetness, and the sense of a life well spent. But what is productivity and where is it in the scheme of things? Now that’s the interesting thing; that’s the thing which if all managers understood they might get real about leading their employees instead of just paying them.

Productivity is what it says it is: it is the ability of the individual (and teams) to produce something – to create: be that a product (a thing), a service, or value. In short, productivity is about adding to the sum of existence: something that wasn’t there before is now there, and as a direct result of the individual’s efforts. You’d think everybody would want to be productive, not least because it boosts one’s own self-esteem; but if you think so, you’d be wrong. That said, however, the important thing to grasp is the position of productivity in the scheme of organizational activities.

For productivity sits midway between the two other vital ‘P’s: performance and profit! Productivity is the bridge to profits! As Dr. Alex Krauer said, “When people grow, profits grow”. We need high performing people to start with. We need therefore to focus on recruitment in the first instance and how we go about that. But clearly, productivity must involve employee performance too; there is no way round it. We have to go back to first principles. Yes, we want the profits and we can anticipate and plan for them, but we can’t just kick people into being productive; they need to be high performing individuals and teams. So if we are not happy with our current levels of productivity, then how are we going to change the situation? By doing some serious thinking about the performance of our individuals!

This can be done on an individual level, team level, and on the organizational level. But here is a quick, personal aide-memoir to ask yourself, and then to ask yourself about your employees: what one skill, if you had it now, would make the greatest impact on your own productivity? This could be anything – a technical, or interpersonal, or strategic skill. Whatever it is, now you’ve identified it, how are you going to bridge the gap?

Similarly, what one skill if your employees had it now would make the biggest difference to the productivity of the whole? Remember that the whole point about the ‘one skill’ that would have the greatest impact is that we are invoking the Pareto Principle – a small number of things, one even, can have a disproportionate influence on everything else.

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Productivity and the Power of Presence

“I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. ”

– Sir Isaac Newton

Spiritual Success Strategies

Is there a spiritual element to success? Does self-mastery affect one’s ability to create and produce? Is it possible to increase practical effectiveness through inner, personal development? Absolutely.

In fact, history shows that some of the most productive individuals to have walked the face of the earth were also some of the most spiritual. Leaders like the Buddha, Jesus, Moses and Muhammad were not only deeply spiritual individuals, but they were also tireless in creating change, in work and in productive effort.

The key to their success was a unique ability to maintain an expanded, open focus. The average person is easily distracted by non-productive elements that tend to inevitably come up in one’s life consistently. Yet highly productive and successful individuals, some of them evolutionary entrepreneurs, have developed the enlightened ability to stay present. They are able to tune out all of the unnecessary distractions that arise and maintain a relaxed, open state of awareness in light of the task at hand. Not only does this make them more effective and productive, but also highly creative, for they dwell more in a transcendent state, a higher consciousness which is the source of inspiration and imagination.

The Devil is in the Details

It is said that “the devil is in the details.” Often, those who are not accustomed to spiritual practice tend to maintain a narrow, limiting focus when they work. Not only does this result in stress and tension, but the contraction severely hampers their ability to create and be effectively productive. They will often work much longer hours and actually get less done.

This contraction, which comes essentially from a lack of transcendent presence, results in a lack of flow, a stifling of spirit, and consequently diminishment of energy as well as internal blockages. When operating from this state for prolonged periods of time, physical ailments will undoubtedly begin to manifest, eventually resulting in disease. Another, more common word for the result of this type of attention is stress.

What then is the key to being extremely productive, if it is not a narrow intense focus? The answer is in the essence of spiritual teaching, a state often referred to as presence. Just what exactly is this state of presence? It is an expanded state of awareness, where consciousness is based not in the mind, but in the heart. Those who are accustomed to living in this state operate from a higher state of consciousness, which may be referred to as creative Intelligence.

Presence is Powerful

The essence of spirituality, presence is powerful. It is the most productive state to operate in, for in the relaxed, open state of presence, there is no brain fog, no mental cloud, no resistance, no internal chaos and no susceptibility to distraction. In fact, in the expanded state of awareness, distractions appear minimally small. Yet in the narrow, tense, contracted state of awareness, they naturally appear larger than life. The result of cultivation of presence through spiritual practice then is clarity, flow, astonishing success and effectiveness.

Additionally, one thus transcends the greatest obstacle to progress: Fear. For when one dwells in the perpetual present and operates from there, fear is utterly unable to exist. Fear can only exist in time, in the future, and so the individual that has thus mastered his ability to stay in present time is free of the greatest limiting factor, that which curtails the ability of so many and dooms countless human beings to a life of mediocrity.

Embrace the Path

For those familiar with spiritual transcendence, take your practice to deeper levels and so become more effective in your practical life. Those who are newer to such principles, practices and concepts, now is an ideal time to begin the journey that will not only eliminate the stress, tension and drama from your life, but also make you an infinitely more effective person in the process.

For more information and for a FREE 5-Day Course on Attracting Abundance, Prosperity and Success, please visit Spiritual Excellence.

Emil Ihsan Torabi

Ihsan is a student and teacher of spiritual success technologies. He assists individuals in developing and achieving balance and attracting both peace and prosperity, allowing them to prosper in lives of freedom, passion and purpose.

Drawbacks of Muscle Building Products

Muscle building is a slow and gradual process. It takes place only if all the fat and calories are burnt. Therefore, to build the muscle a person should reduce weight and lose all the extra fat from the body. To do so, one has to adopt many healthy and fit means and methods, avoiding or cutting down on all the bad habits, like drinking carbonated drinks, beverages and alcohol, smoking, gorging on junk and food products high in fat content. So, to build up the muscle the right methods must be used and applied in the lifestyle. Exercising and doing work outs regularly, is a necessity, to build up the muscle.

People in an urge and rush to build the muscles fast, take in various muscle building supplements and drugs. These supplements and various other such muscle building products, are composed of chemical substance, but some are also made of natural substances that not harmful. But the ones that are made of artificial components cause many side effects and caused harmful results. Therefore, a person must keep in mind the various details and aspects regarding the muscle building products. If a person is purchasing any muscle building products, he or she should not go by his or her instinct, but follow the direction of the trainer, physician or any dietitian.

There are many drawbacks or disadvantages of muscle building products. Individual person requires individual kinds and types of food groups like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc and the different muscle building products have various composition of the above food groups.

Therefore, a person should keep in mind to take products that are as per the individual body requirements. If not kept in mind then harmful effects would occur. Many of such muscle building products would help in the building of muscles but in the process would harm and cause side effects to the internal parts of the body that would also prove to be fatal.

Most of the muscle building products have the basic composition of protein, so if the supply of protein is in a high content then it would harmful and can cause serious damage to the kidneys. Some the products would have such harmful components that would slow down the muscle building process and even deactivate the healthy procedure, too. The overdose of some supplements can cause harmful and fatal side effects, these products are mostly high in cost price and not very affordable by everyone.

Therefore, a person needs to get these muscle building products prescribed by the doctor, so as to be on the safe side. Another important point to be kept in mind is that the dosage should in small quantity and in the correct proportion.

Disadvantages of muscle building products are many if the products are made of artificial components and are in harmful compositions. The dosage of the products, if not checked and taken in the wrong quantity, then it would cause side effects.

Therefore, the best and the most appropriate way to build muscle are always the natural way, by eating the right food, exercising and getting a lot of sleep.

ProExtender System – in the Best Penis Enlargement Product?

As long as a man has a penis, he will want it to be bigger. This obsession with a bigger manhood has fueled the rise and rise of the penis enlargement “industry”. Hey, no man wants to have a tiny willy. Its hurting to the fragile male ego and an outright embarrassment to be seen in the men’s locker room.

So every man wants to get bigger but what is the best enlargement product out there for us? Is there even one? With so many products being touted by vendors, this can get really confusing. Pills, exercises, pumps, devices, etc are flooding the online market today. Spammers are in the act too.

Then someone came up with a brilliant idea : a holistic, 3-in-1 approach to male penis enlargement. But is this animal The Real M’coy? We will investigate it in this article.

The Combination Approach To Male Penile Enlargement : pills plus exercises plus device.

In order to assess this hybrid product, we will analyse each product individually for its true worth :

1) Penis enlargement pills

The penile pills are made of male aphrodisiac herbs that are good for the overall sexual functions of a man. It improves semen and sperm output, strengthens erections and may even make a penis look bigger, albeit temporarily. A penis enlarging pill improves blood circulation to the penile tissues thus increasing the erect size of the penis. This will give the impression of a bigger manhood but it is surely not a permanent increase at all.

2) Penis enlargement exercises

Such exercises are commonly known as Jelqing. They do increase the length and girth of your manhood but is it the best enlargement product out there? If not done correctly, penis exercises can damage sensitive penile tissues leading to scarring and temporary impotence.

3) Penis enlargement devices

A penile enlargement device is variously known as a penis stretcher, penis traction device or penis extender. They work on the principle of traction that is behind the success of orthopaedic surgery. This states that the body cells expand when a constant and measured traction force is applied to a part of the it. In the case of the male penis, the enlargement device applies a small traction force on the length of penile shaft, stretching the tissues within and causing the cells therein to multiply and expand. Penis enlargement devices are clinically proven to work and are recommended by doctors even.

To summarize, if done properly, penis exercises and enlargement devices can help you enlarge your member permanently while penile pills assist in this enlargement process. The pills are like the supplements that body builders take – they don’t enlarge the organ by themselves directly but helps in the process.

Now that you know how each product work individually, it is clear that a combination approach (3-in-1) is the best deal – the best penis enlargement product. Not only do you get to enlarge your manhood, but you get to enlarge it quickly and with added benefits like harder erections, bigger ejaculations, etc. This holistic approach gives you the best of all worlds.

The next problem is finding a reliable, trusted, packaged product that has all 3 penis enhancement products in it. Luckily, I have done all the hard work and succeeded in finding one that fits the bill – The ProExtender System. Its the Real M’Coy, so to speak.

The Spirit Of Genuinely Productive Individualism In The Creative Mind

Greedily competitive is always a bad thing to be and to affirm to yourself. Especially when you want to be genuinely prosperous in a creative way that enhances your life and the lives of everyone else in a deserved way. Yet, we all are greedily competitive at some time in our lives. The best thing to do about this is to be more conscious of what we do and why we do it, which is an affirmation in itself. It is an affirmation in itself because, when we are honest inwardly and realistic about why we do something and what we do, that is a start in the realistic direction that is the opposite of greedily competitive as I describe it above.

So what do I mean by the title of my article? Productive individualism benefits you, yet it cares about others in a considerate and productive way that works for all, including yourself.

Now, when I use the word individualism, I do not mean destructive “me first” purely type thinking or action. I mean this: I mean a genuinely proactive approach to your own interests while considering the interests of others as human beings as you consider yourself. That does mean an equity of consciousness, using empathy and understanding to help yourself and others through better service and benefit. It is a funny thing, but, in thought and reality, it comes down to the genuine golden rule from ancient times: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and I would add “not only that, consider others equally in consciousness as you consider yourself when warranted.” What do I mean by “when warranted”? Well, I mean this: If someone is an equal in consciousness or a better in consciousness, be appropriately and give them room to grow in a “you win and I win with you” type way. If a person is lesser in consciousness, help them out, but be careful not to lower your consciousness. In a sense, protect yourself and your interests, yet, consider other people, learn from them, but I repeat, be purely creative productively and do not compete destructively.

In this abundant universe and existence, there is always enough for everyone really. But, if you are greedy or destructive in an initiating way, you pay for it ultimately. It does not matter what the quick benefit seems to be when greedy or destructive, you do pay for it. This is not just a reality, I wanted to end this article with logical and honesty working words of warning. For, if you help others, you help yourselves. I do not want to end negatively, so I end with this quote from Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones, former mayor of Toronto,Canada in the early twentieth century: